How It Works

How It Works

In Feel Think Fit, I remove all the guesswork and guide you through the training process—whatever your experience level.

Accountability to your goals and yourself.

Working out consistently and dieting is hard. Need help staying on track? I send you weekly video check-ins to discuss your wins, losses, and how to overcome upcoming obstacles.


Delete the stress from food and fitness.

No more worrying! I tell you what to eat, how to exercise, and what to do next. You just focus on showing up and following the plan. I handle all of the details so that you can enjoy the results.


A trainer that cares.

Feel Think Fit is a family. You’ll receive a warm welcome, we’ll celebrate your success, and I will be there to support you no matter what you might be struggling with in your life.


Workout in privacy and comfort at home.

No scary gym necessary. Want to change up the music? You can. Want to workout outside today? Go for it. Whether you need to throw some laundry in or let the dog out — it’s your house, and your rules.


Adapts to your schedule and lifestyle.

Vacation coming up? Not a problem. Need to reschedule your workout to another time? You got it. Wherever you’re at in your life, I adjust your plan so that you can stay consistent in hitting your goals.


Go at your own pace.

Everyone starts somewhere. Whatever your experience level, I will modify the workout so that it matches your ability. Each session is designed to leave you feeling challenged, but energized. 


Results 100% guaranteed.

I am committed to getting you the results you want, which is why I offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you don’t feel training together is a good fit, let me know within 30 days and you will be provided a full refund for your first month (and will require no additional payments). If you invest in your health, then I invest in your success.

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How To Get Started

Step 1

Ask yourself: “Am I willing to commit to change?”

The most successful clients come to me ready for change. They’re tired of worrying about how to diet and how to workout and just want to follow a plan that works for their lifestyle. Sound familiar? The minimum commitment is one month, but most of my clients stay for a year or longer.

Step 2

Apply for training.

Because of the personalized attention given to each client, I only accept a limited number of people into Feel Think Fit. Once you answer a few short questions, you’ll schedule a consultation call with me so that we can get to know each other better and discuss your goals. It’s important to be as detailed as possible in your application—that way we can both decide if we’ll be a good fit for each other.

Step 3

Connect with me.

Once you’ve scheduled your consult, you’ll receive a link to access your private call. I will reach out to you 24-hours before the call to confirm your appointment. During the call, we will discuss your goals, the coaching process, and I will explain how I will get you the results you need. Once I have learned the details of your life, I will develop a customized fitness and nutrition plan that works for you and your lifestyle.

Step 4

Enjoy the ride—and get the results you want.

It’s my goal is to alleviate your worries about fitness and help you get results that will last a lifetime. I’ll do this by providing you with ongoing support and accountability. Above all, I will be there to help you through it, no matter how hard it gets.

Ready to get started?

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  • Fully customized meal plans
  • Fully customized workout programs
  • Weekly video check-ins to review your progress
  • Unlimited in-app messaging to ask all your questions
  • Daily communication & support to hold you accountable to your goals

Do you have any questions?

Check out the in-depth FAQ, or book a free consultation with me.


Stephen takes online training very seriously, which is why he offers a 30 day money-back guarantee. However, if after 30 days you feel like online training isn’t a good fit, just let him know and you’ll receive a full refund for your first month and require no additional payments.

Feel Think Fit is built on getting results for its clients. You can be confident that Stephen will invest in your success and satisfaction if you invest in your health.