vegan plate

How I Went Vegan

Confession time… 😞 I used to eat a lot of animals. And I mean a lot! Just 5 years ago, I was regularly eating pounds of chicken, turkey, and fish all in the name of gains. As an aspiring bodybuilder, … Read More

nutrient rich vegetables on table

What Are Micronutrients And Why Should You Care?

Why do you eat food? Food provides you with energy. This comes in the form of calories which consist of macronutrients, or ‘macros’. You can read more about them here in my last blog post. But is energy all you … Read More

macronutrient chart

What Are Macronutrients And Why Do They Matter?

When it comes to losing fat or building muscle, you may have heard that calorie counting is key. You may have also heard that tracking your ‘macros’ is even more important to get proper results. So, what are macronutrients anyway? … Read More

sleep quality

5 Tips To Get The Best Sleep Ever

Sleep: we all know we need it, yet many of us struggle to get it.   But why is sleep so important anyway?   Aside from avoiding lethargy in the morning, sleep is fundamental to our health. It is our … Read More

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6 Superfoods You Should Eat Everyday

What are superfoods, you ask?   Superfoods are foods that contain high concentrations of unique, beneficial nutrients.   And I think you’ll agree with me when I say: It’s REALLY hard to eat a healthy diet.   While they may … Read More